Finn // 7 years old

As I was putting Finn to bed the other night, I said “I can’t believe you will be SEVEN in a few days, Finn!  I just don’t think I can handle it!” and he said “Mom.  I will ALWAYS hug you!  Every day!  I will ALWAYS love you!  And I’m not going to change.  I mean, when I’m 7 tomorrow, I’ll be the same that I was at “six” today, mom.”  Good point.  I still can’t help but reminisce on his younger years and how fast they have gone.  I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am for Finn – and the joy we’ve had this past 7 years with him.

What has six brought us?  A LOT of questions about science, the earth, the world, God, life and everything in between.  It has brought us maturity, innocence, excitement, a few (or more) temper tantrums out of stubbornness, a level of independence that is both wonderful and scary all at once, lots of laughter, hugs & bedtime cuddles.  It’s the sweet spot we’re in – between the toddler years and the pre-teen years where I can see the man he will be but still get to enjoy the sweetness of his younger years.  He is the best big brother to River (they’ve grown such a bond that sometimes I just sit and watch them play with a smile on my face).  He’s my best little buddy and travel partner and makes my days brighter than they ever were before.

We did a small shoot this year because it was a bit cold outside and along with the sweetness of children comes the hard – we’ve been sick for the past three weeks and I think we’re still in the midst of it (please, Spring, come!) – but I also put together a little video that you’ll see at the end of this post!

Happy Birthday Finn!  You are the light of our lives and we love you so!

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His 7 year birthday video (which made me cry about 200 million thousand times, so I can’t even watch it anymore – but oh, the sweetness!):