grand haven // beach lifestyle session

When Carrie asked me if I would be interested in capturing their family photos in a documentary style on the beach – during their vacation with their good friends – I really didn’t even have to hesitate.  Vacation, beach, friends and a whole lot of SUN – yes, yes, yes!  I ventured out last week on a warm evening and got to hang out with both the Olsen’s and Coccia’s and immediately felt like part of the family.  My new best friend and tour guide, Bellamy, took my hand and immediately showed me all her favorite things – her dolls, her cottage room, her friends, the WATER, jumping rope and most importantly, where the fruit snacks were stored.  This is one vacation I was incredibly joyful to be a part of.

From the sun filled photos to the wonderful company, this evening was beautiful.  If you were to hang out with either of these families, you would also agree – big hearts, full of happiness and lots of fun.  I hope you enjoy a little peek into their gorgeous vacation!

BeachFamily-1 BeachFamily-2 BeachFamily-3 BeachFamily-4 BeachFamily-5 BeachFamily-6 BeachFamily-7 BeachFamily-8 BeachFamily-9 BeachFamily-10 BeachFamily-11 BeachFamily-12 BeachFamily-13 BeachFamily-14 BeachFamily-15 BeachFamily-16 BeachFamily-17 BeachFamily-18 BeachFamily-19 BeachFamily-20 BeachFamily-21 BeachFamily-22 BeachFamily-23 BeachFamily-24 BeachFamily-25


The beach was just across the street where the Olsen family and I headed down for some quick photos!BeachFamily-26 Blog1 BeachFamily-28 BeachFamily-29 BeachFamily-30 BeachFamily-33 BeachFamily-34 BeachFamily-35 BeachFamily-36 BeachFamily-37 BeachFamily-38 BeachFamily-39 BeachFamily-40 BeachFamily-41 BeachFamily-42 BeachFamily-43 BeachFamily-44

Carrie is so incredibly gorgeous.  This truly is a photo of a mother’s love right here – no mama is prettier than when they are hugging their babies.BeachFamily-45 Blog2 BeachFamily-47 BeachFamily-49 BeachFamily-50 BeachFamily-51 BeachFamily-52 BeachFamily-53 Time for some friends to join in for the party on the beach!BeachFamily-55 BeachFamily-56 BeachFamily-57 BeachFamily-58 Blog3 BeachFamily-60 BeachFamily-61 BeachFamily-62 BeachFamily-63 BeachFamily-64 BeachFamily-65 BeachFamily-66 BeachFamily-67 BeachFamily-68 BeachFamily-69 BeachFamily-70 BeachFamily-71 BeachFamily-72 BeachFamily-73 BeachFamily-74 BeachFamily-75 BeachFamily-76 BeachFamily-77 BeachFamily-78 BeachFamily-79 BeachFamily-80 BeachFamily-81 BeachFamily-82 BeachFamily-83 BeachFamily-84 BeachFamily-85 BeachFamily-86 BeachFamily-87If only I could share all of them – this has been much too long of a blog post, but what an incredible evening we had – and that sunset!!!!  xoxoxo