River: 3 years old

My sweet River – he is already THREE!  There’s really no other way to explain him except for pure JOY.  He has brought so much happiness into our lives, and he shines radiant beams from inside – you can just feel it pouring from him.  He is goofy, happy, fun, smart, adventurous, sweet, kind, cuddly and full of energy.  He keeps us on our toes and then he melts us in the same moment with his love.  He has formed a unique bond with his brother – something I never could have dreamed of.  They are best friends and spend almost every moment with each other.

I’m not quite ready to let go of calling him my baby (and who ever does, really – but luckily he still lets me).  He wants me to carry him everywhere, up the stairs, cuddle and fall asleep right next to him.  Yet he can keep right up with his big brother and will do anything we do.  He is the best companion and we feel so, so, so lucky to have him.  He’s captured our hearts.  We love you with everything we are, River!!!!

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