Finn // 8 years old

This morning as I was looking through books to find some for our school theme of “love” during February, I stumbled upon a book that immediately stopped me in my tracks.  “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” – a book that Finn would beg me to read him over and over… and over.  “This one, again?!” I’d always ask as he begged to read it again  I don’t remember how old he was – likely 4 or so.. Today,  I picked it up and re-read some of the pages and my heart just melted.  I don’t recall the last time we ever read it together, and I never realized it would be the last time he begged for it – but it’s definitely been quite a few years now.  I’m considering asking him if we can read it together tonight but am prepared to be met with “really, mom?” ;)  For some reason, 8 seems like a big deal.  It sounds SO much older than 7, but it’s really not!  I really just feel so wonderfully grateful to have shared 8 years with him.

Finn is smart – so smart.  He’s always asking questions and thinking about things much deeper than me – I constantly have to bring up Google to answer all of his questions.  He has a curiosity and zest for life, life goals to be a “You Tuber” and make a million dollars, enjoys Minecraft, being outside (with sledding and “mountain biking” on the top of his list), and anything science related (especially space).  He is shy with strangers but full of goofiness with friends and family – those who really know Finn are lucky, as he is careful who he opens up around.  He and River are the best of friends and spend their days laughing and goofing around with each other, and request to sleep right next to each other every. single. night.  Finn has a huge heart and loves very deeply.  He’s also stubborn like me!  He’s truly my best friend and fills my heart every day with so much joy.  He really has quite the hold on my heart :)

We love you so much Finn!  Happy EIGHT years!  You have brought so much meaning to our lives!!!  Here are a few photos from today in the cold snow – and then a few last September in the gorgeous goldenrod!!

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