River: 4 years old

Our sweet River – he’s four.  I can’t believe it as I type it, but indeed it’s true – four years old.  This little boy is so full of sunshine and love… and personality. He says the BEST things all day long and we all laugh at him.  He’s so silly.  He loves hugs, his bunny bear (I hope he always does, haha), milk, all things sugar, zombies from Plants vs. Zombies, his big brother Finn (more than anything!), playing cars, running, jumping, being totally crazy, and singing the cutest made-up songs in the world!  He is the best companion and I feel so grateful to be able to share my days with him.  He lights up the room with his spirit, and he’s my best little friend.  He’s also stubborn and can get pretty mad, but switches right back to the cutest and happiest kid you’ve ever seen within minutes.  He’s so cute, it’s hard to get mad at him.  Those blonde curls and big blue eyes are hard to resist.

River, you light up the world with your beautiful personality and who you are. We love you more than any words could ever express. Thank you for being such a joy and making every day so much brighter.  You make our lives so rich and full.  We are so, so lucky.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE :)

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