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The first time I met Elizabeth and Sean a few weeks ago I knew I liked them.  Instantly.  Before they even said “hello” – seeing their happy smiles, I knew we’d get along.  Once we sat down and started talking about their wedding, we realized we also all shared the same vintage-ish photographic style.  As her and Sean talked about what they liked to do, we built their perfect engagement session on the spot… riding their bikes, listening to records – could it get anymore perfect?

Why YES – it could!  I’m sure you’ll be able to tell from these photos…but the way they look at each other, talk about each other – you can tell they’re so in love.  Just being with them makes me happy :)

Couldn’t pass up this adorable shop… and with their matching bikes!  And this next photo with the shadows – totally Sean’s idea.  They were SO much fun to take pictures with because they are both incredibly creative and in turn, we were all full of a million ideas.  Narrowing down the blog post was very hard!

See?  How they look at each other… :)

We moved to a fun little spot that I had scouted out a week or two earlier… full of willow trees and goldenrod, it is my idea of perfection!

Okay – so at one moment during these shots, I stopped completely and said to Elizabeth – you are BEAUTIFUL… I think I scared (or terrified) her, but seriously?  So pretty!!!

Sean totally did this on his own as I asked them to walk down the path lovingly… he is EXUBERANT in love!

This is my favorite part of the location… little old fish farm, little old barn… cute couple!

I love her ring.  Sean did an amazing job… and a heart, fits them to a T.

This next series is probably my ultimate favorite ever that I’ve done.  They brought their old records, Sean’s record player, and a quilt that was Sean’s family’s quilt…

Yeah.  Absolutely beautiful.

I made them run through a field.  This is becoming a trend… ;)

I always ask if they want to jump… and some do, some don’t – Sean and Elizabeth said “well, we can try – but I don’t think we’re that good…” —- nope.  they’re GOOD.

We ended the night with the beautiful moon… I didn’t have my flash with me, so we exposed it for the night the way it was, and I think it turned out beautiful & vintagey.  Kind of like something from the late (moonlit) 60’s… and a perfect way to end our session :)

I am so very excited to share your wedding day with the both of you – I feel like I’ve honestly just made two new friends and I’m lucky enough to be able to capture their day.  You both are so great… thanks for hangin’ out with me all night!

7 thoughts on “engagement : elizabeth + sean

  1. I love these :) I know they will too. Very cute ideas, and I love the location(s)… By the way – The last photo with the moon is a stunner. Stun-nuh! It could be on a record sleeve…. nicely composed, and love the processing. Sometimes technical “setbacks’ result in something even better – and in this case perfection. Go order it on canvas now…. ;)

  2. oooh these are sooo great! i know sean and liz and think that they are absolutely adorable. you captured their love so well and so creatively! esp. in love with the records and picnic blanket one!!

  3. AH!!!! SO GREAT! SO THEM! Good work. :)

    Super, super cute. I think I could find a “few” of mis amigos to post on my office wall. they would make me smile…. aka they’re super great.

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