about sandy

hello there! it is truly wonderful to meet you :)

who am I?

am seriously addicted to dark chocolate!
drink way too many chai teas (with extra foam, please!)
love the smell (okay… and the taste) of freshly baked cookies.  yum.
could ride horses all day long!
L-O-V-E my entire family with my whole heart!
use way too many smiley faces and exclamation points ;) (emailers, beware!)
adore every season in this beautiful state of michigan.
love the smell (yes, the SMELL!) and feel of a farm… and hope to build a home on one someday.
have two degrees: fashion merchandising and marketing.
can’t go a day without being outside in some form!
love music – it inspires me!
love, love, love the sunshine.
could wear a yellow sundress every single day!

more than anything, am a dreamer.

 photo credit / leah mullet photography

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